One year

Little did I know that a moment of boldness had set a series of events into place. All seemingly simple at first blush, but incomprehensibly intricate when viewed in hindsight. Moments woven into a tapestry of experience amongst tiny turns, twists and chances. Curiously working their way into something special.
It started with a wink and a wait. Then a note, followed by curiosity. Brief notes, comments, witty remarks, and attempts at jokes. Short notes grew into letters and letters grew into long distance conversation. Something developing, waiting for a chance to be discovered.
One year ago...
I awoke with excitement, anticipation and a bit of nerves. I ate breakfast, got dressed and headed off to church, though that may not have been at the front of my mind at the time. My mind was a few hours ahead dwelling and scheming over what the rest of the day might mind flashing between possible variations and outcomes. Then prayer for discernment, surrender and boldness.
Then a short butterfly filled drive for the meeting. The moment of truth. Which preconceived plan would be the one that materialized? Was there possibly an alternate story?
That first moment in the Best Western parking lot, an already hyper-active heart leapt out of my chest and into my throat.
More beautiful than any of the pictures. A beautiful smile. A good christian side hug.
I had to jump start my brain with simple directions:
1. Words.
2. Phrases.
3. Sentences.
4. Don't screw this up.
5. Repeat.
My rush of joy, excitement and nerves quickly transferred into calmness, comfort and familiarity. Words, phrases and sentences growing into paragraphs and conversations. Moments growing into minutes then hours, days, weeks, months and a year.
A year filled with moments of joy and adventure. A year of discovery and revealing. A year of being seen for who I am. For being accepted for who I am without expectation and being inspired to be so much more.
A moment of boldness transformed into a year of joy.
and then...