Taking risks and Making Dreams

 I came across this video and became intrigued by it for a couple of reasons. I liked it because it shows two ways to make a dream come true. My intial thought was in regards to the young piano player taking the risk to ask the tough question necessary for his dream to come true. It takes guts to ask a musical legend if you can accompany him.
I also liked it becasue there was the other side of the dream. Mr. Joel had a choice to make. It would have ben easy for him to say no, to dismiss the question, to dismiss the dream. He had obviously been performing for some time and the Q&A was intended to be a break. He could have said "no" and most people would have understood why he declined the request.
Mr. Joel decided to go another way. He chose to make a dream come true. It wasn't that hard for him. He has already sang that song countless times. He didn't know the skill level of the young musician but he took a small risk to yield a huge reward for both the young musician and the audience.
I think it points to the idea that you can tell someone how to pursue their dreams or you can make them come true. In light of his comment about how to become a horn player at the end of the video, earlier someone had asked how they could make it in the music industry.  You can ask for advice countless times and still be in the same place that you were when you started. Dreams don't come true while you are sitting around dreaming. Dreams take action and require risk.
Who knows how many times the young musician had asked those more advanced to fulfill a similar dream. Even if you hear no countless times it only takes one, "yes" for it to come true.

I think the take away, for me at least, is this:
Pursue your dreams. Take opportunities to make dreams come true.

Often we don't feel worthy or experienced enough to be able to do something like that. The truth is, if someone asks you for help it means they see something in you that they can grow from. Although it may not seem like a big or challenging thing for you to do. It can make a huge impact on another person.